I Need A Refill

Hey God can I get a refill?

The world is pressing against me.

At every turn there’s a new obstacle that stands in my way.

Some nights the tears fall like rain.

My cup is empty, so can I get a refill?

I’m trying to carry my cross.

Each step seems to become heavier and heavier.

My vision is diminished by the distractions of the world.

Sometimes this calling seems hard to answer.

Lord, I’m on empty can I get a refill.

It’s seem like the more I give the more people take.

No one seems to care when I’m in need.

It’s like I’m running on Empty.

I’m thirsty Father, can I get a refill?

Lord fill me up.

Fill my cup that it runs over.

Restore my soul.

Give me the boost of energy I need to keep going.

Give me a fresh perspective.

My cup is dry.

Jesus, I need a refill.


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