How Many?

How many tears must be shed?

How many funerals must we attend?

How many ER visits must we have?

How many more blood drives?

How many more sleepless nights?

How many vigils and prayers must be given?

How many more heartbroken parents must we have?

How many more protests must we have?

How many more thoughts and prayers speeches?

How many more hashtags must be tweeted?

How many times will you blame video games?

How many more filibusters?

How many more sessions of Congress doing nothing?

Our soil is soaked with the blood of thousands.

Thousands more have wounds that will never heal.

We are tired.

We are disappointed.

We deserve better.

We must do better.

1 thought on “How Many?

  1. I wonder when it will all stop, keep praying and writing. Love you


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