Therefore Teach

The world needs the next innovative thinker.
The world needs that next breakthrough cure for cancer.
The world needs another great author or oratory phenomenon.
The world is looking for that next great leader that will change the dynamics of an entire generation.
The world will not have them unless they have exceptional teachers.
Teachers, you are called and endowed by your creator to be the spark that ignites the imagination of a child.
You are called to be the light when a child only sees darkness.
You brave men and women are called to see the diamonds in the roughest of the rough.
You are the key that unlocks the potential of in the mind that once was confined by a box the world placed on them.
Therefore, teachers, you must teach.
Your hard work and late nights.
Your stressful planning periods.
Your time in endless meetings, development workshops, and seminars.
Your peer reviews and standard reviews.
The hard-earned pay that you put back in your classrooms.
Your hours of grading and volunteering.
All of it is needed because you are called to shape the minds of tomorrow.
This is who you are.
This is what you are made for.
So, therefore, teachers teach.
One day, the fruits of your labor will be harvested.
You will stand proud and boldly proclaim I taught that child.
One day in out of nowhere you will hear that because of you, someone pushed themselves to be better.
One day, because of you, someone will be a teacher that will be inspired to do the same.
Teachers, the world needs you.
So, therefore, teachers, teach.

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