Hi, it’s your friend.

We haven’t spoken in a while.

Are you okay?

I see how crazy your life is getting.

I can tell you are stressed.

Do me a favor my friend, take a break for a second.

Stop all the worrying and just breathe.

I’m here to lift that burden off of you.

Don’t try to fix it.

Don’t try to come up with anything.

Just stop…Stand still…and breathe.

I am your advocate.

I am your peace.

I am your truth, your way, and your light.

So step away for a second…calm yourself…and breathe.

Tell me all of your troubles.

Confess what’s on your heart.

Then leave them with me and don’t try to take them back.

Trust me with it.

Seriously trust me with it.

I have it covered, because I made you a promise that I will be with you always.

So my friend go ahead and let it go and…breathe.

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