Knee Time

It’s seems like my life is out of sync.

Nothing is going as planned.

I can’t seem to find peace of mind.

I need to cast everything aside and put in some knee time.

No tv.

No phone.

No distractions.

It just me and my redeemer.

While on my knees I’ll have a conversation with my friend.

Jesus will know all about my troubles.

He will know about my fears.

He will hear how my heart is aching.

On my knees, I will empty my mind and conscience.

On my knees, I will seek redemption.

On my knees, I’ll will get clarity.

On my knees, I will find peace.

On my knees, I will find the answers I’m seeking.

I can stand tall because I took time to talk with God while I’m on my knees.

Tomorrow is not promised so I can’t delay.

I will bow before him right now…today.

2 thoughts on “Knee Time

  1. beautiful writing! thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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