No Not Today

I’m Sorry but no not today.

I will not let anything or anybody rob me of my joy.

No bad news will rain on my parade.

You can try world but you won’t do it today.

You see my Father is bigger and badder than my problems.

He brings me peace in the middle of the storm.

He carries me when I can’t walk another step.

I’m sorry to disappoint you but nothing absolutely nothing will bring me down today.

My Father has all that I need and more.

I trust Him to come through for me.

I will hold to His hand until this rough time passes over.

Until then, I’ll stand tall with my head held high.

I’m going to smile and press towards my goals.

I’m going to walk in victory.

I’m going to pray and my burdens with Jesus.

Nope sorry I don’t have time to entertain anything that has been sent to steal my joy.

No not today.

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