Caffeine and a Prayer

Yep, you’re tired again.

You got enough sleep but these meds and the treatments are adding up

So, today you’re running on fumes.

Today you’re filling up on caffeine and a prayer.

The world doesn’t want to hear how rough it is just to breathe.

They don’t have time to notice that the side effects are just a little more prevalent today.

They don’t see the pain you sometimes feel.

Your family needs you at your best.

So shake it off and have a talk with Jesus.

Then grab that Keurig pod and get ready to face the world.

You may be sluggish but you’re still here.

The brain may be a little cloudy but it will past.

You may not feel great but your face doesn’t show it.

You got this.

Just hold on a few more hours as hello bed!

God sees the work you do behind the scenes.

He sees that some days are not OK.

He understands the strength it took for you just to be present.

He knows your morning routine better than you do.

Jesus understands the tears you’ve cried and ones you hide from others.

Sometimes all we really need is a good cup of Joe and a conversation with Jesus.

Guess what,that’s all you need buddy.

Like Bon Jovi you’re “Living on a prayer”!

The caffeine is the jolt to clear the cobwebs. That pep talk with your Friend you just had… that’s your fuel.

Show the world that your not your disease and show them how powerful God is.

Show them how your faith is the source of your strength on days like this one.

Show them how you get it done with only caffeine and a prayer.

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