Keep Going

Yeah I get it.

You’re tired.

Tired of the long days and restless nights.

Tired of deadlines and meetings.

You’re just tired of being tired.

You got this. You’re ok. So keep going.

Sometimes you feel like giving up.

At times you just want sit down hold your head in your hands an cry.

You wonder ” Why am I doing this?”

“Does the work I do matter?

Don’t give up. You are where you are supposed to be. Keep going.

Deeply rooted in you is a seed of hope.

It was planted by a living and loving God.

He knows what you’re able to do.

He sees your potential.

That’s why He chose you at this moment.

That’s why He believes in you.

Hold on to His hand and trust Him.

Most importantly don’t lose hope, believe in yourself and keep going.

The sun will shine again.

The rain will stop.

Peace will soon return.

Hold your head up high.

Whisper a prayer and keep going.

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