Ring the Bell

You’ve earned this.

All of those hours of chemotherapy.

You’ve lost a part of who are, your hair.

Your body is still tender from radiation.

All of those nights you were in pain wondering is this fight worth it.

You’ve cried so many tears.

You made it through it all, Ring the bell!

You’ve seen the doctors and the nurses more than your family most days.

You’re body has the scars of surgery where the masses were.

You’ve lost a part of you that gave your children nourishment, your breast.

You’re thoughts were filled with “what ifs”.

You prayed, you fought, and you questioned God.

Yet you never gave up hope.

You’ve earned it. Ring the bell!

You’ve overcame weight loss.

You’ve fought depression.

You’ve grieved for those who fought the same fight but didn’t make it.

You never knew how strong you were until you met cancer and you defeated it.

My sister, you are a living testament of how a little bit of faith, skilled medicine, and will the live can come together and make a miracle happen.

You’ve endured, you’ve fought, and you’ve won!

No more cold hospital rooms and no more poison dripping from a bag into your veins.

Today is the last day!

So grab that rope and ring that bell!

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