I stand on the shoulders of giants.

They survived the theft of their culture an identity.

They endured and survived the oppression of slavery.

They fought and endured Jim Crow.

They weren’t educated but they were skilled.

They were the farmers, welders, blacksmiths, craftsmen, masons, and carpenters.

Those skills built a nation.

Those skills gave them value and a piece of wealth.

They scrapped, saved, and prayed so that their children can be better.

They overcame segregation.

They saw their children and grandchildren graduate high school.

Now they are seeing their babies graduate college and professional school.

Every generation stood tall so that they can carry the next.

Every generation Never lost hope for the ones that followed.

Each reached down and pulled up the next generation.

Now it’s up to me to stand tall and not waiver.

It’s up to me to reach down and lift someone up.

Because I stand on the shoulders of giants that are depending on me to shine a light for them.

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