What you don’t see

You really think you know who I am.

No you’ve just scratched the surface.

You don’t know about the nights I prayed for a better tomorrow.

You don’t know the tears I cried because I was bullied or misunderstood.

You don’t know the pain I felt just to breath.

You don’t see the anxiety that I drove me to be the best because I was afraid of failure.

Everyone sees the success.

No one sees the times I relied on God just to have a normal day.

Sometimes no one truly sees me.

They see my gifts.

They see what I can do for them.

They see my kindness.

No one truly sees me.

Only God does.

He sees the flaws , the hidden pain, the hidden desires and who I truly am.

He sees a child trying to find his way.

He sees me.

The real me.

And the funny thing is…He still loves me.

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