He is Still With Us.

To say that I have had a long two weeks is just scratching the surface. I have found myself overwhelmed with expectations, emotions, revelations and unexpected news. To be be honest it has placed me in a dark valley. I’m trying to see the light and I’m trying to let my light shine. Yet here I am. I’m stuck briefly in a dark place.

I’ve been bombarded with some heavy stuff. Some of it is my fault and the rest is just the way life is. Being an optimistic and empathetic person can lead to a lot of heartbreak. My cup is filled with heartbreak and anxiety of not being the best for those who need me. I sit up at night thinking what if I had done this better or that better. Maybe if I had left this alone then none of this would of happened. All of that overthinking and over analyzing just pushed me down deeper into the thick of my internal darkness.

Tonight I realized that God is still God. He right here with me holding my hand. The only way I can heal from emotional wounds and be free of what is weighing me down is to rely on Him. I can’t beat this valley experience without my Shepherd guiding me through the valley. I lost sight of who I was trying to be what others needed me to be. Tonight I realize that I should focus on being the man God has called me to be. That cup that is full of the wrong things will soon be filled with the right things.

God’s unconditional love and bountiful blessings are still here. His grace and mercy still endures until the end of time. I am still who He says I am. So, instead of staying in this valley trying to fix the issues, I’m gonna let it all go. My faith will overcome my anxieties. My faith will overcome the what is stressing me. My faith will overcome this valley. I know this because God is still with me.

To whoever reads this, remember God is with you to. Through every dark valley and every high mountain, God is with you. He sees the pain, grief, sorrow, and the tears. He is right there to hold our hand and guide us like has done many times before. May the peace of God be with you all.


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