Life sometimes gets hard.

It can even drain you to the point you feel empty.

Illness, anxiety, stress, and just trying to be a light in a world full of darkness can be tiresome.

Yet in the midst of all the chaos there’s a still calm voice that says “I’m here and I love you.”

Those words give you the boost that needed.

It’s like a jolt of energy and rejuvenation that fills your heart.

Knowing that God is with you every step of way is just the recharge that you needed.

Just being in His presence fuels the fire deep with in your soul.

His word gives you peace in the middle of your storm.

You are now revived and recharged.

No obstacle present or yet to come can stand in your way.

You are strong because He is strong.

You are better because His love abides in you.

You are ready for anything because now you are recharged.

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