What Do We Treasure?


We spend all of our lives gathering stuff.

The latest gadgets are on our Christmas list

The new iPhone, Razor, Galaxy, and Pixel are in our pockets and purses.

We have closets filled with clothes we have only worn a few times.

We work our fingers to the bone to have that dream house or car.

The truth is…none of it truly matters.

The gadgets fail.

The phones will die.

Moths and mold destroys clothes.

Cars and homes deteriorate over time.

Yet we invest so much in these things.

What do we treasure?

What about our souls?

They are eternal.

What if we place as much efforts towards the eternal as we do the temporary?

Imagine the good we can do if we invest in each other’s eternal well being.

If we spend as much time building a relationship with God and our fellow man as we do treasuring things, this world would be a better place.

Earth is our temporary home.

We have to start thinking about investing in our eternal homes.

We should make ourselves ready for the buildings that were crafted by Jesus, the master carpenter.

We all have to ask ourselves: “What do we treasure?”

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