Our Sermon

Believe it or not…we are preachers.

The life we live is our sermon.

The people that we interact with every day are our congregations.

We may be the only image of God someone sees.

So everything we do and say are part of our ministry.

Do we have a ministry that invites or divides?

Do the sermons we preach make people want to know Jesus?

When people see our actions, do the feel hope?

Do we offer an open hand or a closed fist?

Do our words uplift or destroy?

Do they speak victory or defeat?

When they see our actions do they see Jesus?

We must be mindful that our words and actions have a lasting impact.

Every day is a new message.

We much choose how the world sees us.

We must be careful of the sermon we preach.

We must be careful of the service we render.

Today is a new day .

What will your sermon be?

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