We Will Get Through This

The world as we known it has changed.

We are now isolated in our own bubbles waiting for the all clear.

We are teaching our kids common core math and Khan academy is our friend.

We are now zooming each other in make shift offices.

Our favorite spot is closed but still they delivering meals.

No sports ,no Broadway, no festivals or concerts.

Just some Hulu, Disney+, Netflix and an endless Spotify playlist.

Colleges and universities are reinventing their curriculums to meet the needs of the students.

Summer graduation parties will now be winter feasts.

Our friends are in the ER and ICU units working night and day just to keep us safe.

They are exhausted but they know that work is a necessary to keep us safe.

Our essential employees now know how essential the really are.

They work tirelessly to keep us fed, protected and keep the lights on.

Churches realize that there are more ways to worship and fellowship with other.

They remember that the church is the people not the building.

There is no longer red vs. blue.

It’s a cease fire with the occasional snort remark.

This is our new normal for a while

All of this because of a spherical virus the world paused.

We are forced to take a moment.

We are forced to actually work together and forget about our tribalism.

We are forced to slow down.

We have have change our behaviors so that others can be safe.

One thing about America we are a hard headed bunch.

However when push come to shove we ban together.

We all do our part for the greater good.

We sacrifice a little so that all can be better.

We are people from different walks of life and now we are one.

Like many times before we will and we shall get through this.

God bless us all and see you on the other side of this.

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