Some Superheroes Don’t Wear Capes

Some superhero’s don’t wear capes.

Some wear scrubs , face shields, and mask

Some wear vests and t-shirts at the local market

Some run into the dangers we hide from

Some wear transit authority uniforms

Some drive trucks

Some are working in plants and factories

Some are teaching their class on Zoom and Teams

Some are packing, delivering , and handing out meals at a food bank

Some are driving busses to feed our children and allow them access to wifi

Some are using new technology so that they can still worship, learn, and pray together

Some are working from home and trying to take care of their families

Some wear brown, blue and , yellow shirts as they drop of packages

Some are sporting green and yellow vest when they pick up our trash

Some wear the logo of their fast food employers and restaurants

Some clean areas so that we can be safe

Some conceal who they are so that we can have fresh food to eat

Some wear the flag on their uniforms as they help with a national crisis

These are our heroes

The essential workers who put their lives on the line

So we can have a since of normalcy

They are the ones who deserve the metals and accolades

There’s no red or blue

There’s no political agenda

There’s no race or gender

Just pure-hearted and genuine people

Trying to make a living

Those are who we should celebrate

They are the ones we should idolize

They are the real heroes

They are the Avengers of the Justice League

They are the reflection of the American dream and they represent us

Thank you

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