Traffic Stop

I just passed a cop
Oh no
The lights flash
What did I do
Should I keep my hands on the wheel
Should I get my papers before he comes to the car
What did I do
Ok breathe and smile
“Hi sir
No I didn’t realize I was speeding”
“I’m reaching my right hand to get my paperwork “
“May reach for my wallet”
“No sir I’m just going to a meeting “
“Ok I’ll wait”
Lord please let me make it home
Don’t take your hands off the wheel
Smile man
“Ok sir yes sir”
Wait why do I have get out of the car
“No I’m not resisting”
Be patient
Don’t flinch
Why are the cuffing me
Stay cool
They are searching my car
I don’t have anything
Wait why are they taking so long
Don’t cry
Here they come
Are they detaining me
They are letting me go
Thank you Jesus
“Oh ok I understand sir I matched a description of a black man that robbed a store an hour away”
“It’s ok thank you sir”
“ yes sir I will watch my speed next time”
Alright pull off slow
Breathe brother breathe
You are alive
You’re not a hashtag today
Momma don’t have to bury you
The meeting is over
I missed it
I better get home
Man I’m blessed just to get home
Write down their names call and the watch commander tomorrow
Fix your face before you go in the house
You made it home

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