Under this Flag

Under this flag, our ancestors were ripped of their identity.

Under this flag our ancestors built a nation at the crack of a whip.

Under this flag, our ancestors were fit to die but were not allowed to have the same rights as other men for several wars.

Under this flag, our ancestors were forced to be called everything but a child of God.

Under this flag, our ancestors were only considered to to be 3/5 a man.

Under this flag ,our mothers couldn’t vote.

Under this flag, segregation, William Lynch, and Jim Crow were law.

Under this flag, Native men and women were called savages and were forced into concentration camps that were called reservations.

So now under this flag, we kneel as sign of hope and respect that this nation will one day will truly be “The land of the free and the home of the Brave.”

Under this flag, we kneel because the weight of the being a colored American is heavy.

Under this flag ,we knell so that others can see our humanity and not our race.

Under this flag, we kneel for those who fought for equality for all in this nation.

Under this flag ,we kneel on the ground that had been soaked with blood and tears of the victims of unnecessary violence by lynching hands and by the hands of the police.

Under this flag ,We kneel in prayer that this nation will actually heal it’s wounds instead of being told to get over it.

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