I’m Tied

Man I’m tied

No not tired…I’m tied

That’s beyond tired

It’s super tired

I’m tied of COVID 19

I’m tied of Zoom

I’m tied of Freeconferencecall.com

I’m tied of forgetting my mask

I’m tied of looking like I’m stupid for having it on

Man I’m tied or remember how far six feet is

I’m tied of people not respecting scientists

I’m tied of the political games and do nothing policies

I’m tied of seeing black men dying because of petty crimes

I’m tied of people say that they deserve to die because they have an attitude

I’m tied of praying for a better day

I’m tied of having hope that people will change

Y’all I’m just tied and it’s only June

We got six more months on this 2020 ride

No matter how tied I am

I still get up and face the day

I still show up

I still prove that not all black brothers are bad

I still serve an amazing God

I may be tied of praying

Yet I still talk to God

He gives me strength to make it another day spinning on this planet

I may be tied but I know it could be worse

So I rejoice in knowing that I won’t be tied for long

Soon I’ll just be tired

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