It’s Halftime

The first half of the game was tough.

Mamba and Mambacita are gone.

A man was murdered by the hands of those who are called to protect and serve.

130,000 souls in America are gone due to a virus.

Zoom has become the new normal.

Our economy is shot and unemployment is at an all-time high.

A pandemic has become political fodder.

America’s old wounds of racism are bleeding in major cities.

We had a rough six months.

We are down, but God knows we are not out.

We can still turn this around.

It’s halftime.

Let’s go.

We are still in the game.

God is still in charge.

We still have an opportunity to come together and win this thing.

We don’t want to take this to overtime.

We want rally in third quarter and overcome in the fourth.

Let’s put aside hate, party, biases, fear and the like.

It’s halftime.

Let’s go

Let’s show this virus with a strange name that we mean business.

Let’s make a change for the better for all people.

Let’s take the next steps toward a better tomorrow.

Hope will win not fear.

Love will win not fear.

Empathy will win not selfishness.

It ain’t over until the ball drops.

The fat lady hasn’t sung yet.

Our fate is in our hands.

We control the narrative.

We will overcome if we work together.

It’s halftime…let’s go!

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