Pep talk

I can see you’re not yourself

Something or someone somewhere some how got you all out of your element

It came out of nowhere and here you are stressed, tired, frazzled, and a time angry

Its ok …that’s life

Remember this you are not alone

You’re so awesome

You’re gifted

You’re beautiful

You’re blessed

You’re called

You’re anointed

You’re strong

No matter what it is to you’re going through God is with you

You’re covered by His Grace and Mercy

Peace and victory are yours

This season will make you stronger

So cry it out

Pray on it

Take some time to heal

Take a look at yourself in a mirror and see the God in you

You are doing better than you think you are

Look at how far you come

You’ve bounced back before and you can do it again

Smile because your future is bright and phenomenal just like you are

Just like God made you to be

Remember who are and who you belong to

Hold up your head and flip the script

Change the game

Show the enemy who’s boss

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