Pray my brother

Pray for equality

Pray for justice

Pray for peace

Pray for a better tomorrow

Pray my sister

Pray for the inner cities

Pray for rural areas

Pray for the victims of senseless crime

Pray for change

Pray for oppressed and depressed

Pray on my child

Pray that we no longer have to march

Pray that we see God in every human being

Pray that no one is the next George Floyd

Pray every day will be better and brighter than yesterday

Pray that God will open doors that were once shut

Don’t stop praying our elders

Pray that we listen to God’s voice

Pray that we stop being selfish and that we become selfless

Pray that our living is not in vain

Pray that our dreams are no longer deferred

Pray on world

Pray for the lost and the abandoned

Pray for healing of the minds, bodies,and souls of every human being

Pray for those who hunger for meaning

Don’t stop praying

God is listening

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