God’s Righteous and Strong Hand

Scripture: Isaiah 41:10

Don’t fear, because I am with you;
    don’t be afraid, for I am your God.
    I will strengthen you,
    I will surely help you;
    I will hold you
    with my righteous strong hand. -CEB

Here we are. It’s in August 2020. I’m sure like many of you, we thought that we would be in better shape than where we are. Over 170,000 souls were lost in the country due to COVID-19. Millions are unemployed. Millions are facing evictions. Our right to vote is being suppressed at every turn. Our children are having school on Zoom. Our once favorite stores are closing forever. Domestic violence, crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and anxiety levels are up. My brothers and sisters, this is a lot for us to handle, and we cannot handle it alone.

It may not seem like it, but God is here with us through it all. He is still working on our behalf. God sees and knows what we are going through. God feels every loss, every broken heart, and every disappointment.  God understands every setback. He understands our pain. He is going to miracles signs and wonders for us. We just have to remain steadfast and hold on to God’s righteous hand.  I understand that we may want to God to move instantly but, His ways and timing are not the same as ours.

God’s promise that he made to an exiled house of Israel still rings true for us today.

He will give us strength.

He will help us.

He still is holding us in His righteous hand.

When God begins to move His hand, our minds, bodies, and souls will be healed.

When God begins to move His hand, He restores all that we lost to this crisis.

When God begins to move His hand, the prideful and corrupt leaders will be humbled.

When God’s Righteous Hand moves, we will have a story to tell for generations to come.

We must place our tiny hands in his huge hand and trust in Him to do what He has promised.

Prayer: God, thank you for the blessed assurance that you have not forgotten about us. Thank you for being our refuge, our help, and our strength in times of trouble. Thank you, Lord, for being our friend, our redeemer, and our comforter in this difficult season.  Thank you for providing for our needs and keeping us safe in your Righteous Strong  Hand. In Your powerful and wondrous Name, we pray, Amen.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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