A Letter To America

Dear America,

I don’t want anything that doesn’t belong to me.

I don’t want anyone to lose their rights.

I don’t want a handout.

I don’t want to be treated special.

I just want to be seen as child of God and not a threat to your existence.

America, I just want my inalienable rights: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Allow me the freedom to work, live, worship, drive, walk, go to the store, enjoy nature, exercise, find love, enjoy the little bit of culture that I have, listen to music, drive, ask questions, be inquisitive, be inspired, spend time with my family and friends, and just enjoy my life like everyone else.

That’s all I want.

That’s all that every citizen that in this country wants.

Please America, let me live my life.

My color should not impact your way of life or make you fear me.

I’m just another example of how great God, our Creator, is.

He saw fit to make me different.

We are all different.

That’s what should make this nation great.

Yet here we are.

It’s 2020 and we can’t heal the wounds that plagued our nation for 528 years.

America, I’m tired.

I’m not my skin says I am alone.

I’m gifted.

I’m valued.

I’m loved.

I’m everything that my my Creator endowed me to be.

I’m a part of you America.

When will you accept all of who I am?

Signed a tired man who happens to be Black.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

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