My Wish

If I had a wish. Just one wish.

I would wish to see the world like God sees it.

I would see a blue marble full of potential.

I can see place where I don’t see party, race, income, or heritage. All I would see are individuals reflecting Gods love.

I would just see beautifully broken people.

I would see the opportunity for greatness.

I can see the eyes of a child filled with hope.

I could witness someone’s gift manifest in to a movement that would change the world.

I wouldn’t see poverty. I would see an opportunity for His love to shine through.

Instead of seeing despair, I can see hope.

Just imagine,instead of seeing defeat I can see victory.

That would be some wish.

I could see where I’m needed.

I could witness how I fit in God’s mosaic masterpiece.

I can then align my story with God’s story.

I would be aware how my life impacted others.

I could see where I need add or subtract something from my life. Then I could multiply the good things and become better.

The truth is there is no magic lamp.

There’s no genie.

To make this wish happen, I have to connect with God in order to see what God sees.

I got to put in the work.

To know my story, I have to study his story.

To reach my potential I must reach out to him who gives me strength.

The truth is,if I really stop and look, I already have what I’ve been wishing for.

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