My Car/ My Prayer Room

I know drivers meeting me must think I’m jamming to the latest tune.

They may guess I’m on the phone.

Nope, I’m not doing any of those things .

I’m having a talk with God.

For a few moments, my car morphs into my prayer room.

I tell Jesus whatever is on my mind.

As I navigate the physical roads, I’m allowing Jesus to map out my spiritual path.

I tell him my fears.

I air out my frustrations.

I intercede for those who are on my mind.

There’s no, sports, no talk radio, and no traffic report.

It’s just me and my best friend sharing a good laugh or a big hurt.

I gain clarity, I gain peace, and I gain restoration as I let it all go.

I gain joy as I commune on my commute to my destination.

So as you see me with my lips moving and sometimes a few drops of tears, don’t worry.

My best friend and I are just having a talk.

I’m good.

By the time this ride is over, I will be refueled for the day ahead.

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