Today America Breathed

Today America breathed.

She exhaled the bigotry, xenophobia, and sexism. She exhaled the lack of character, empathy and integrity.

She exhaled ignorance, divisiveness, and the lack of respect.

She forced out the toxic fumes of hate and a lack of accountability.

Then she took a big breath in.

Her lungs expanded and they were filled.

They were filled with hope, innovation, inclusion, and unity.

Her capillaries received a boost of a fresh air of change.

Her blood vessels were revived with character and integrity.

Her organs are refreshed with optimism.
Today America breathed.

Her face is blushing red.

Color has returned to her lips.

Her legs are regaining strength.

Her vision once blurred, now it’s clear.

Today America breathed.

Today she got her swagger back.

1 thought on “Today America Breathed

  1. It was a good day, but hang tight. That man isn’t out of the White House yet.


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