Write Anyway

At times I’m tired

At times I’m overwhelmed

At times I feel empty

Yet I write anyway

I’m still grieving

It’s one hit of loss after another

My heart weeps

Yet I write anyway

A disorder with a funny name keeps me in bed some days

I have an endless routine of medications and treatments

I have more doctors visits than dates

Still, I write anyway

I feel like I have no inspiration

There is no spark

The light is diminished

Yet I write anyway

Someone needs my voice

Someone needs my words

It’s a gift

Therefore I write

I let it all out

The world sees my story with each keystroke

They see a reflection on themselves in my work

So I write

It’s no longer an audience of “me” its an audience of “we”

Every word gives hope

Each verse gives peace and understanding

So I write

As long as God gives me breath

As long as my neurons spark

As long as His Spirit moves me

I will write anyway

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