Punch Drunk

I’m punch drunk

But I’m not throwing in the towel

The pandemic hit with a right hook

Every day I was bombarded with jabs

Shut down -jab

Working from home -jab

Church is closed -right cross

Then April came with an upper-cut

The virus took my Aunt

I’m on the canvas

My bell got rung

I lost my legs

I’m punch drink

But I’m not growing in the towel

I pull my self up the ref made it to five

I shook it off

It’s summer I think I can go another round

Then I see a brother faced down on the pavement and sister shot in her own home

That was a gut punch

It knocked the wind out of me

The reactions I saw to the protests was a


I pulled my self back up shake the stars out

I sit in my corner the crowd says throw in the towel but the God in me says get up and fight

I’m stone cold punch drunk

But I’m not throwing in the towel

The bell dings and its fall

Illness came and jabs me until I have cuts on both eyes

By the time the bell rings for winter

Death struck again in my family twice

Then Covid took a close friend

I’m sucking wind and I can’t see a thing

The cut man can’t keep up

Something inside of me says fight on

When the bell rang for this round that I’m in

I found my second wind

I learned how the dodge the blows

I’m bobbing and weaving

The sweat and tears out of my eyes

I’m hitting combos

I got life challenges on the ropes

My legs are under me

I’m ready

When life punches me I punch back

God has given me the strength to fight

His spirit keeps me going

I may be punch drunk but I’m not throwing in the towel

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