I Endured it all

I endured it all

All for you

They took me in the middle of the night

Beat me

Tried me before the high priest

I endured it all for you

They took me before Pilate

Then to Herod

They took me back to Pilate

I stood trial and was found innocent

I endured it all for you

They beat me and whipped me again

They placed a crown of thorns on my head

I nearly died

The crowd that once shouted my praises

Now shouted to release a criminal

They shouted for my crucifixion

I endured it all for you

I carried a heavy cross

I heard the mocking as they divided my clothes

I shouted in agony as they pounded my hands and feet with nails

I hung there for three hours between two thieves

I wept as I saw the pain in my mother’s eyes

I felt my father leaving my side as took on all of the sins of the world

I died do that you can live

I endured it all

I did it for you

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