I’m stuck in a rut

I’m in a constant cycle of being in the mud

The more I try to pull myself put the deeper I sink back down.

I’m stuck.

The more I speak up, the less the crowd listens.

It’s like I’m screaming in a soundproof room with a locked door.

Why do I try if all get is the same results?

Yep, I’m stuck.

I’m in a cycle of opening up and sharing my heart.

I go all out and try and try. Then I get shut down by another no or not yet.

How do I break out?

How can I break free?

How do I get unstuck?

I have to let it all go.

I must give control to my God.

I have to learn to trust that He can set me free.

When no one hears or sees me, He does.

When I don’t feel loved, he reminds me that I am loved.

When I feel trapped, he has the keys to set me free.

I must continue to find myself in him.

He will show me the way out.

Then I will no longer be stuck.

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