Church Begins

When does church begin?

It begins once the choir has stopped.

When the hymns are closed.

When the pastor says “go in peace”.

That’s when it begins.

Sunday is the preparation for Monday.

It’s the pep rally for the main event.

It’s the marching orders from our Commander-in-Chief.

It’s just the warm up.

The real works begins when we share God’s love.

When the bereaved are comforted.

When the down and out are lifted up.

When the hungry is fed.

Church really starts when the undesirable are welcomed.

When the homeless is housed.

When we no longer see color but see someone’s soul.

When replace tears with smiles.

When we restore hope when there was none.

Sunday is great but it’s only the beginning. It continues through you and I.

The benediction is not the end but a rally cry.

Praising God is a form of worship but the greatest form of worship is service to others.

Are we ready to start church?

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