Are We Free

Are we free

Free to live

Free to love

Free to grow

No, not really

Some of us are still in bondage

Held in chains by our past

Burden down by our faliures

Yolked by our fears

Are we free

Free to learn

Free earn

Free reach our full potential

No, not really

A system of oppression is in place

It’s so ingrained that wrong is right

When others speak of it they ignore it

They are told that they stirring the pot

Are we free

Free to worship

Free witness

Free to be one

We will never be truly free

Until all are free

Until we all acknowledge each other

Until we acknowledge our pain

Until we deal with elephants in the room

Until we acknowledge our fears

Until we acknowledge our flaws

Freedom comes with a price

That price was paid in full

On a cross on a hill far away

With three nails, an old rugged cross, and the blood of a savior

Accepting Jesus is the key to our freedom

Living as he lived

Loving others as he loved

Giving the way that he gave

Jesus is the way to freedom

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