This is Not Your Fight

I know and understand how you feel.

You’re tired. You’re frustrated.

You’ve done all you can do.

You’ve explored every option.

You’re ready to throw in the towel.

I need you to remember this simple thing.

This is not your fight.

This fight is the Lord’s fight.

You have to let it go, stand still, and trust him.

I know it’s hard to do.

You are used to being in control.

You are used to be self-reliant.

You want all the answers.

However, this fight is not yours.

The only way to win is to lose.

You have to lose your pride.

You have to lose your fears.

You have to lose your doubts.

I have to give up the life you thought you had and take on a new identity in Christ.

Stand still, let it all, go and trust God.

He will take on the burden.

He will open those closed doors.

He will fight for you.

He will dry every tear.

Just hold on and have faith.

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