The Cost

We love this time of year

Everyone is full of joy and cheer

With joyful hearts, we shout and sing

Hallelujah to our newborn king

Early on Christmas morning, we rush to see

What gifts do we have under the Christmas tree

There is no greater gift to spy

That sparked we see in a child’s eyes

With all of the rush of the season, one thing seems to be lost

We forget how much that this season costs

I’m not talking about money at all

I’m talking about the child that risked it all

He gave up his place in glory

So that he can tell his story

A story that represents love

A story that was orchestrated in heaven above

The cost was a heavy one to pay

However, Jesus paid it anyway

He considers us all his friends

He didn’t want us to die in sin

So he gave up his life to pay what we owe

He did so that we can go

To a place where we would be free

And to incorporate us into his family

So as we enjoy this holiday season

Let us remember that Christ is the reason

He paid the cost

No, we are found in freedom and no longer lost

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