Dear Grief

Dear grief
I hate you
You come unannounced
You stay way too long
You weigh me down
You make me cry
You make me hurt all over again
You make me doubt the strength that I know that I have
You remind of a time that I want to forget
I’m sorry grief bout you got to leave
I know I did all I could
I have a life to live
I still have a story to tell
I have a purpose
I will not be held down or held back
I will recover
I will bounce back
Na grief you can keep popping up
But I will continue to put you in your place
I will make my loved ones proud
Their legacy is what will be remembered
Not you
You are just a stepping stone to the my next chapter
the love I have and faith that I have will always be bigger than you
Yeah grief pack your bags
Take all your stuff with you
You are o longer welcomed here
The new me

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