Pardon the interruption

Oops America
Pardon the interruption
I guess we should’ve knocked.
We knocked on the floors of the slave and pirate ships
We knocked while we built your foundations in the cotton fields if the south.

Sorry America
Pardon the interruption
I guess we should’ve knocked
We knocked during the reconstruction period
We knocked as we endured the bloody mess of the Jim Crow
We knocked as we marched and boycotted to gain some equity.

We’re so sorry America
We don’t mean to make you uncomfortable
We tried knock during the crack epidemic
We tried knocking through the declining and gerrymandering
We tried knocking when witness our children being lynched by the police

Well America sorry but not sorry
We are no longer knocking America
We are breaking down the door
We bursting through the threshold
We are bringing down the walls
We are tired of you hindering our progress
We will not allow you to censor out history, our literature, our art, and our culture
Every bill you write to turn back the clock
Every law you pass that limits us
Every book you take from the shelves of teachers
We will be there
We will be visible
We will be loud
We will fight until our last breath
To our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

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