Sleep don’t come easy

Sleep don’t come easy since you went away
I still have so much to say
I Accomplishments and dreams I want to share
I tried to call you but you weren’t there

Sleep don’t come easy since you went away
I mean couldn’t Good give you one more day
Another day to see you smile
Another day just to sit with you a while

Sleep is hard to come by as I lay in my bed
Memories of days past float in my head
I’ve prayed to God to help clear my mind
However these nights haven’t been to kind

Sleep will come soon well at least I can hope
All it takes is one thought to cause my mind to go down that slope
The slope of what ifs or i wished or I what I’ve should’ve done
God be my melatonin so that I don’t have to take one

Sleep you’re welcome to visit anytime
You not showing up now is a crime
A crime of memories and lost time

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